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AgilityFlex Mini-Summit Supercomputer

Mini IBM Summit Supercomputer

Interested in your own miniature Summit Supercomputer? We can help identify the right setup for you. Based on IBM AC922 GPU Servers, NVIDIA V100 GPUs, NVIDIA Mellanox HDR Infiniband Networking and IBM Spectrum Scale Storage using IBM ESS 3000, Hybrid ESS 5000 or custom built all NVMe ECE storage.


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IBM AC922 AI Server

Systems available with either four SXM2 NVIDIA V100 air cooled GPUs or six SXM2 NVIDIA V100 water cooled GPUs.

IBM Power9 CPUs are the only CPUs with integrated NVLink which offers much higher throughput and much lower latency than alternative PCIe based x86 systems. This allows the CPU and GPU to share the same memory space increasing performance.

System Memory starting at 512GBs, up to 2TB DDR4.

High Speed PCIe HHHL NVMe data loader.

NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX-6 dual port 200Gb Infiniband adapter.

Optional liquid cooling of servers or rack doors.

IBM ESS 3000 and ESS 5000

IBM ESS 3000 and ESS 5000 are highly scalable, high-performance parallel storage systems that deliver the necessary performance for your IBM AC 922 servers.

The ESS 3000 is a 2U dense storage package that offers 40GB/second throughput and a maximum of 368TB. This system is made more efficient when bundled with optional IBM Spectrum Control for system monitoring, automation and analytics. Spectrum Discover allows for in depth metadata management. Spectrum Protect offers a seamless integration for scalable data protection. If your requirement needs more performance, just add more ESS 3000 2U building blocks. In addition, the all NVMe flash ESS 3000 system can be used in conjunction with other IBM ESS models, such as the ESS 5000 series. The ESS 3000 is the perfect system for tier 0 and tier 1 use cases and within a multi-tier architecture.

The ESS 5000 is an extremely dense high performance storage appliance offering density of 370TB/u and performance up to 55GB/s in a single node. This Power9 based storage system is comprised of two Power9 servers and up to six 106 drive enclosures. Using IBM’s Spectrum Scale erasure coding software long drive rebuild times are a thing of the past. IBM ESS 5000 series scales from 552TB to Yottabytes.

AgilityFlex Mini Summit

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