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High Performance File System Solutions

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ExtremeStor GPFS

Applied Data Systems ExtremeStor GPFS appliance is based on the latest and most innovative IBM Spectrum Scale release v5, with expert architectural design and performance tuning by globally acknowledged IBM Spectrum Scale experts. Applied Data Systems delivers IBM Spectrum Scale on fully integrated, top quality, industry standard hardware for maximum performance, reliability and data protection. Expert support is provided by Applied Data Systems engineers, backed by IBM second level support.

ExtremeStor B

ExtremeStor B uses BeeGFS, the fastest growing open source parallel file system developed with a strong focus on performance and designed for easy installation and management. ExtremStor B is ideal for demanding, high-performance, high-throughput workloads found in technical computing for simulation, life sciences, oil & gas, deep learning, analytics, media, defense and financial services.

Symply Media Production Workflow Storage

Symply is an innovative developer of high-speed digital storage solutions designed for media professionals. Symply is built on StorNext 6, the industry leading sharing software for media production supporting Windows, Mac & Linux operating systems. It has the greatest marketshare by a large margin, and due to its performance and reliability, continues to dominate media production collaboration. Symply fits seamlessly into existing storage and networking infrastructures, helping to lower administrative costs and increase investment protection.

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