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FlexAI Machine Learning Cluster

Future Proof Compute and Storage AI Appliance Uniquely Scales GPU and Storage Independently

FlexAI Cluster, Built for Maximum AI Throughput

POWER9 AC922, The Best Server for AI

  • 2-6 NVIDIA V100 GPUs with NVLink
  • 4x more threads per core than x86
  • Over 5x I/O bandwidth than x86
  • 2.6x more RAM than x86
  • PCI gen 4
  • Integrated NVMe

IBM Spectrum Scale Keeps GPU’s Fed

  • Parallel access for performance
  • Access the same data from all nodes
  • SSD/NVMe
  • Large file throughput, small file IOPS


  • Variable compute/storage configuration
  • Limitless scalability
  • Building block design
  • Designed for ease of use
  • Simple deployment

IBM PowerAI Enterprise

  • Enables rapid AI deployment
  • Delivers faster insights
  • Supports larger more accurate models
  • Incorporates most popular frameworks Machine Learning Platform

  • Leading Algorithms
  • Access from R, Python, Flow and more
  • AutoML
  • Distributed, In-Memory Processing
  • Simple Deployment

Hardware and Software Fully Integrated

FlexAI software is preloaded and hardware is fully rack integrated at Applied Data Systems factory before shipment

FlexAI is a Compute and Bandwidth Beast, Built for Maximum AI Throughput

FlexAI delivers unprecedented performance for artificial intelligence (AI), delivering cutting-edge AI innovation with the dependability IT requires. FlexAI is built on IBM AC922 NVIDIA GPU accelerated servers installed with the IBM Enterprise PowerAI software stack and machine learning platform. FlexAI utilizes flash storage and a high-speed parallel file system with high speed networking configured to match the performance of multiple high-bandwidth GPU accelerated servers.

FlexAI Fully Integrated AI/ML Solution Data and Workflow

FlexAI is Fed by IBM Spectrum Scale V5: New Levels of Storage Performance

Substantial improvements in I/O performance

  • Significantly reduced inter-node software path latency to support the newest low-latency, high-bandwidth NVMe technology
  • Improved performance for many small and large block size workloads simultaneously from new 4 MB default block size with variable sub-block size
  • Improved metadata operation performance to a single directory from multiple nodes

IBM PowerAI Enterprise Deep Learning Framework

FlexAI can be configured with IBM PowerAI Enterprise, making deep learning and machine learning more accessible to your staff, and the benefits of AI more obtainable for your business. It combines popular open source deep learning frameworks, efficient AI development tools, and accelerated IBM® Power SystemsTM servers. IBM PowerAI Enterprise is a complete environment for data science as a service, enabling your organization to bring new applied AI applications into production. Machine Learning Platform

FlexAI can also be configured with the machine learning platform. H2O is a fully open source, distributed in-memory machine learning platform with linear scalability. H2O’s supports the most widely used statistical & machine learning algorithms including gradient boosted machines, generalized linear models, deep learning and more. H2O also has an industry leading AutoML functionality that automatically runs through all the algorithms and their hyperparameters to produce a leaderboard of the best models. The H2O platform is used by over 14,000 organizations globally.

POWER9 AC922 GPU Accelerated Server, Built for the Biggest AI Challenges

FlexAI is powered by the IBM Power System Accelerated Compute Server (AC922) that delivers unprecedented performance for artificial intelligence (AI). Organizations can now deploy data-intensive, deep learning frameworks with confidence. AC922 enables the cutting-edge AI innovation data scientists desire, with the dependability IT requires.

We’d love to work on your project. We do extensive analysis of your existing and future needs, deliver a comprehensive solution architecture on a validated hardware and software build that ships fully integrated. Contact us for an expert FlexAI consultation today!

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