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AgilityFlex Cluster

Tightly Integrated, Workload Optimized, Compute, Storage, Networking, Software, Implementation and Support

Agile, Flexible Building Blocks Tightly Integrated for Blazing Performance

Our AgilityFlex Cluster line of High Performance Computing systems are designed to incorporate best of breed building blocks, tightly integrated and tuned to deliver blazing fast performance. The modular design allows for easy expansion and ease of management, all backed by AgilityCare, an end to end warranty and support program for up to 5 years. AgilityFlex clusters can be custom designed for your use case or you can use one of our proven reference architectures for industry specific use cases, such as AgilityFlexAI for AI/Machine Learning.

AgilityFlex Cluster within Applied Data Systems Workflow Optimized End-to-End Architecture


All systems come with

  • Single head node; option for HA head nodes
  • Cluster management software
  • Rack and PDU’s
  • Networking
  • Factory integration and configuration

Processor Options

  • Intel Xeon Scalable

HPC Optimized Software Environment

  • Bright Computing Cluster Management Software
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux HPC Edition
  • Intel Parallel Studio XE, compilers, etc.
  • IBM Spectrum Computing

Accelerator Options

  • NVIDIA Tesla
  • Intel FPGA

High Performance Networking Options

  • Mellanox 100/200Gb Ethernet and InfiniBand


  • AFC-i2000 (Intel Xeon Scalable clusters)
  • AFC-a2000 (AMD EPYC clusters)
  • AFC-p2000 (IBM Power9 clusters)

Expertly Integrated by Applied Data Systems

AgilityFlex Cluster arrives turn-key and ready to deploy in your location. Our team will work with you to ensure that your new system arrives with the proper power distribution that is supported in your facility. Your new system will show up neatly racked and cabled, with the cluster management software and operating system loaded, along with the network and storage system configured and optimized. We will install the system in your facility and teach you how to use your new AgilityFlex Cluster with minimal impact to your daily operations.

Flexible Performance and Scale

AgilityFlex Clusters deliver top performance with the industry’s leading processors and accelerators, providing the most advanced high performance computing cluster available

Modular Upgradability

AgilityFlex Cluster is designed with optimal flexibility to expand as your computational needs grow. Performance can be scaled by simply adding more servers, networking and storage components.

Flexible Building Blocks

AgilityFlex Clusters are delivered as a modular, repeatable, and highly supportable solution consisting of best of breed industry standard components

AgilityFlex Models

We’d love to work on your project. We do extensive analysis of your existing and future needs, deliver a comprehensive solution architecture on a validated hardware and software build that ships fully integrated. Contact us for a expert AgilityFlex consultation today!


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