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Simple, Software Defined, High Performance Storage Solution

Easy to Install, Easy to Manage, Easy to Use, and Easy to Scale

Fast Parallel File System

AgilityStor combines a high performance parallel file system with powerful and reliable server and storage hardware that pools storage devices into a single, unified storage system that’s easy to maintain

Extremely Easy to Manage

AgilityStor’s analytics and monitoring tools provide valuable insights into the usage and dynamics of an installation. Analytics include graphs for top consumers, throughput, IOPS, file stats and creates

Eliminate Silos with One Multi-tier Namespace

Replace legacy storage architectures and their silo approach with a truly unified storage solution and enable better collaboration, ease of management, and efficient use of hardware

AgilityStor Multi-tier, Single Namespace Architecture
Ingest, Process, Archive, and Share – On a Single Unified Storage System

AgilityStor, a New, Modern Storage Architecture for the Multi-Petabyte Era and Beyond

AgilityStor delivers super-easy high-performance storage while maintaining robust data availability in the face of inevitable disk or network failures at scale. AgilityStor is built to handle real-world failures and still remain operational. True end-to-end checksums of every data block assures data integrity, and ultra-low latency and fast metadata operations keep up with the toughest small-file workloads. Hardware monitoring will offline an errant disk before it causes corruption, and self-healing heuristics route around node failures.

AgilityStor delivers operational ease and flexibility, with user-definable data placement, policy-driven tiering rules, and hardware pinning that give storage admins the freedom to optimize their environment according to workload. AgilityStor is far easier to operate than complex legacy parallel file systems. AgilityStor has unlimited data capacity, provides for non-disruptive live updates, and 1,000+ node scalability.  Down the road, new hardware can be seamlessly added to your existing infrastructure, so you’ll never outgrow your AgilityStor investment.

Linear Scalability and Performance

  • Direct communication from client to storage servers enables linear scalability
  • Throughput and IOPS scale linearly with hardware resources
  • Single file IO can scale to entire cluster bandwidth. Sub-millisecond latency
  • Any number of clients or servers (starting with 4)

Extensive Protocol Support

  • NFSv3, NFSv4, SMB, S3
  • POSIX Parallel Client for Linux, Mac, Windows and HDFS
  • Shared ACLs across Linux, NFS, Windows, OS X, and S3 – incl. NFSv4 ACLs
  • Tensorflow Plugin

Advanced Data Protection

  • Erasure coding: space-efficient protection for sequential writes and high-throughput workloads
  • Replication: quorum-based replication for strong data consistency
  • End-to-end checksums protect data and metadata in transit and at rest
  • Automatic failover in software, no extra HA setup or cost
  • Non-disruptive updates with zero downtime

Leading-Edge Security

  • At-rest data encryption
  • Integrated certificate management
  • Management authentication via LDAP, OpenStack Keystone or integrated user management
  • NFSv4 ACLs
  • Multi-tenancy on the logical and physical level

Flexible Building Blocks

AgilityStor is delivered as a modular, repeatable, and highly supportable solution consisting of best of breed industry standard components

White Glove Installation and Support

AgilityStor is expertly installed and supported by Applied Data Systems who is the single point of contact for all support issues

Easy to Use and Manage

AgilityStor’s analytics, and monitoring tools provide valuable insights into the usage and dynamics of an installation.

  • Single pane of glass
  • Easy to deploy across 100s of nodes
  • No kernel modules
  • API, automation

Integrated Monitoring and Analytics

Graphical administration and monitoring provide easy management, avoiding the notorious complexity of legacy parallel file systems. Included are graphs for top consumers, throughput, IOPS, file stats and creates. Built-in monitoring, alerting, and automation along with an interface to external monitoring systems make AgilityStor a complete system out-of-the-box.

Automatic Policy-Based Internal Tiering

AgilityStor file system volumes are dynamically bound to storage resources through policies, which can control data location all the way down to the level of individual files. They enable tiering, isolation of workloads, subdivision into partitions, or taking advantage of heterogeneous hardware resources. When policies change, data placement is adapted accordingly without affecting service quality.

Built-In Hardware Management

Make your admins happy with SMART monitoring and hardware watchdogs. Automatic scrubbing, detection, and repair of corrupted data, and drain a server with one click.  Our device inspector detects and initializes new devices. AgilityStor’s device lifecycle management and workflows enable lights-out operations.

We’d love to work on your project. We do extensive analysis of your existing and future needs, deliver a comprehensive solution architecture on a validated hardware and software build that ships fully integrated. Contact us for an expert AgilityStor consultation today!


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