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IBM Storage Scale Solutions

ESS 3500 All NVMe Now Available

The Flexible Cognitive Storage Solution

IBM Storage Scale Systems are a modern implementation of software-defined storage, combining IBM Scale software with IBM POWER9® or AMD  processor-based I/O-intensive servers and dual-ported storage enclosures. IBM Scale Storage Software is the parallel file system at the heart of IBM Storage Scale Systems. IBM Storage Scale systems scales system throughput as it grows while still providing a single namespace. This eliminates data silos, simplifies storage management and delivers high performance. By consolidating storage requirements across your organization onto IBM Storage Scale systems, you can reduce inefficiency, lower acquisition costs and support demanding workloads.

IBM Storage Scale System

IBM Scale Storage 3500: All NVMe with Erasure Coding

  1. IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Coding–Allows Rebuild of Failed Disks in Minutes Instead of Hours
  2. Integrated and Modular 2U System–Designed for High Availability and Balanced to Maximize Throughput
  3. Delivers 125GB/s of Data Throughput per 2U
  4. Policy-based Tiering Provides Automatic Movement of Data Between Storage Tiers including SSD, HDD, Tape and Cloud  
  5. Global Sharing and Collaboration using Active File Management (AFM)
  6. The Best Building Block for use with NVIDIA DGX H-100
Extreme Scale and Performance Trusted By Thousands of Organizations Worldwide

Seamlessly Extend Storage to the Cloud

Enjoy the benefits of both on-premise and off-premise storage with hybrid cloud storage capabilities. Native tiering capability allows moving data to or from the cloud based on business policies.

Intelligent Data Placement; On or Off-premises object storage

Policy Driven Tiering; Managed Data Placement or Migration of Cold Data

Automated Data Movement; Recall on User Deman

IBM Spectrum Scale RAID

Allows rebuilding of failed disks in minutes instead of hours using declustered RAID and requires less raw capacity by using erasure coding instead of replication for data protection.

Policy Based Tiering and Compression

Tiers data automatically between various tiers of storage, including tape and cloud, based on policies and reduces total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to purchase excess high-performance storage.

Automatically place data in line with the underlying value of your storage. For example, metadata/high frequency access data on flash, large sequential files on disk.

Automatically migrate data (selectively) as it ages. After seven days on flash, move to disk; after 60-days on disk, move to tape or cloud, for example.

Supports Massive Volumes of Data

IBM ESS can deliver up to 40GB/s of throughput and scale-out to exabytes of storage with IBM Spectrum Scale. Growing data can be managed and tiered across practically any storage.

IBM Storage Scale System is Integrated & Modular

Enables quick deployment of the initial solution and additional blocks of storage as demands increase. IBM Storage Scale is designed for high-availability and balanced to maximize throughput. Choosing Scale Storage avoids the risks and complexity of other options and provides a single source of global support for hardware and software.

Global Sharing and Collaboration

Share data across multiple locations as a single namespace with Advanced File Management, intelligent routing and caching.

Professional Consultation and Architecture Design

Our IBM Scale Storage, aka, GPFS R&D engineers have extensive knowledge of IBM Storage Scale, distributed file systems, Information Life-cycle Management, Big Data, DR/HA/data protection strategies and multi-site deployments including cloud integration.

We have architected multi-million dollar, enterprise level, distributed storage solutions for the National Labs and Fortune 100 companies in healthcare, finance, telecommunication, technology and energy. Our expertise is in clearly defining technical and business needs and then building innovative solutions that lead to client success.

IBM Storage Scale Product Family

Consistently Fast Performance

IBM Spectrum Scale scatters data across spinning disk, eliminating fragmentation degradation on performance as the system fills.

Highly Available Write Cache (HAWC)

  • Improves performance of small synchronous writes
  • Small synch writes are written to the log. As log fills, rewrite to home

Local Read Only Cache (LROC)

  • Extend the page pool memory to include local DAS/SSD for read caching


  • Compress what makes sense & extends to cache

Quality of Service

  • Throttle background functions such as rebuild or async replication
  • Set by flexible policy, such as day-of-week and time-of-day

Distributed and flash accelerated metadata

  • Metadata includes directories, inodes, indirect blocks

Lift data to the highest tiers based on the file’s “heat”

  • Automate workload pipelines with Spectrum Computing LSF

Performance of Flash with the Economics of Disk

Economic high capacity disks can be accessed in parallel for high throughput and capacity, combined with a high performance flash tier along with server-side flash.

Intelligent data placement

  • On or off-premises objects

Policy driven tiering

  • Managed data placement or migration
    of cold data

Automated data movement

  • Recall on user demand

Enterprise Reliability and Availability

Rock solid high performance GPFS file system and high scale data management trusted by 1000’s of organizations combined with best of breed components for extreme performance and data protection.

New File Audit Logging capability
(Data Management Edition only)

  • Track user accesses to filesystem and events
  • Supported across all nodes and all protocols
  • Parseable data stored in secure retention-protected fileset
  • Events that can be captured are:
  • Open, Close, Destroy (Delete), Rename, Unlink, Remove Directory, Extended Attributed Change, Access Control List (ACL) change

File-level immutability

  • Independent KPMG certification anticipated

Data security following removal of physical media

  • Protected by on-disk encryption (Data Management Edition only)

Protocols include encryption of data in motion

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use Case

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Monitors performance, capacity, network, and enhanced maintenance and support, including interaction with IBM support.

Genuine IBM Support

2nd and 3rd tier support provided by the IBM Spectrum Scale experts at IBM directly

Flexible Building Blocks

IBM ESS is delivered as a modular, repeatable, and highly supportable solution designed for high-availability and balanced to maximize throughput. All Flash or Hybrid systems can all be managed via a single user interface.

IBM ESS with Expert Architectural Design and Support

Applied Data Systems and IBM will work with you and design a superior system with expert performance tuning by globally acknowledged IBM Spectrum Scale professionals. Applied Data Systems delivers IBM ESS fully integrated, for maximum performance, reliability and data protection. Expert support is provided by Applied Data Systems engineers, backed by IBM second level support.

IBM Spectrum Discover

Metadata Management for IBM ESS

IBM Spectrum Discover is modern metadata management software that provides data insight for exabyte-scale unstructured storage. IBM Spectrum Discover indexes metadata for billions of files. This metadata enables data scientists, storage administrators, and data stewards to efficiently manage, classify and gain insights from massive amounts of unstructured data. The insights gained accelerate large-scale analytics, improve storage economics, and help with risk mitigation to create competitive advantage and speed critical research.

• Event notifications and policy-based workflows
• Fine-grained views of storage consumption
• Fast, efficient search through petabytes of data
• Quickly differentiate mission-critical business data
• Policy-based custom tagging
• Extensible via Software Developers Kit (SDK)

We’d love to work on your project. We do extensive analysis of your existing and future needs, deliver a comprehensive solution architecture on a validated hardware and software build that ships fully integrated. Contact us for an expert GPFS consultation today!

IBM Storage Scale

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