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NetApp: The Global Leader in Hybrid Cloud Data Services

NetApp offers proven capabilities to build your data fabric. Modernize IT, simplify private clouds for agility, and fuel data-driven innovation on any cloud.

Keep Pace with Your Extreme Workloads


Accelerate Time to Insight

Future-Proof Your Investment

Maximize Cost Efficiency

Reduce Risk and Enable Success

Maximize Cost Efficiency


Simple to deploy

Deliver the performance and scalability
your business needs

Build an integrated data pipeline

Unify AI workloads

Future-Proof Your Investment

E-Series AI

Drive extreme performance

Deliver High Availability

Big Data Analytics

High Performance Computing

Turbocharge your AI with NetApp ONTAP AI

NetApp ONTAP AI is one of the first converged infrastructure stacks to incorporate
NVIDIA DGX™ A100, the world’s first 5-petaflop AI system, and NVIDIA Mellanox®
high-performance Ethernet switches to unify AI workloads, simplify deployment, and
accelerate return on investment.

Streamline the flow of data reliably and speed up training and inference when your data fabric spans from edge to core to cloud.

NetApp EF600 All-Flash Array NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD

The NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD makes supercomputing infrastructure easily accessible for your organization and delivers the extreme computational power that you need to solve even the most complex AI problems. To help you deploy at scale today, this NVIDIA and NetApp turnkey solution removes the complexity and guesswork from infrastructure design and delivers a complete, validated solution (including best-in-class compute, networking, storage, and software).

Keep Pace with Your Extreme Workloads

Even the fastest supercomputer can’t meet expectations if it doesn’t have equally fast storage to support it.

NetApp E-Series storage with IBM Spectrum Scale gives you consistent, near-real-time access to your data. E-Series storage systems can support any number of workloads simultaneously. To increase performance for metadata and small-file workloads, an NVMe flash tier running NetApp EF600 storage can deliver up to 44GBps throughput per scalable building block. Optimized for both flash and spinning media, E-Series systems include built-in technology that monitors your workloads and automatically adjusts configurations to maximize performance. With the 99.9999% reliability of E-Series systems, your HPC environment is available whenever and wherever you need it.

Maximize Cost Efficiency

With an HPC solution designed by ADS experts, you can avoid overpurchasing systems and components. ADS experts can configure a solution that meets your performance and capacity needs today and in the future without having to pay for components you don’t need. In addition, ADS uses the only enterprise grade parallel file system, IBM Spectrum Scale, offering enterprise grade feature such as transparent cloud tiering, encryption and active file management.

When you’re considering the cost of an HPC solution, your initial investment in hardware and software is just the beginning. To accurately assess costs, in addition to the deployment costs, you must also consider the costs of operating the solution after you have deployed it.

With the NetApp and IBM Spectrum Scale solution, you get enterprise storage in price/performance-optimized building blocks that are built on the E-Series storage architecture and that make configurations of any size cost efficient.

Future-Proof Your Investment

To make sure that your HPC environment can handle today’s requirements as well as those in the future, you need a solution that can respond quickly to data growth.

A solution built by ADS with NetApp E-Series and IBM Spectrum Scale delivers an agile HPC infrastructure that scales easily and seamlessly. The flexibility and scalability of the solution enable it to support and adapt to evolving workloads, making it a strong foundation for future storage requirements. Modular storage building blocks composed of E-Series hybrid flash arrays give you a granular, building-block approach to growth. By increasing the number of storage building blocks, you can scale up the performance and capacity of the file system, enabling it to seamlessly handle the most extreme workloads.

Extreme Performance and Reliability

To get the most from data generated by technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and 3-D images, you need a high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure that can quickly process millions of files, enabling you to turn insight into innovation. With seemingly endless choices in technologies, it’s a challenge to know how to build an HPC solution that fits your budget and works seamlessly together, while delivering cost benefits and operational efficiencies.

Gain a Trusted Advisor

When you choose ADS, you gain a long-term partner who will stick with you to help make sure your solution meets your needs. Your success is always a priority, and the experts at ADS draw on their years of experience and strong relationships with industry- leading technology vendors to make sure that you get a solution that exceeds expectations now and in the future. ADS experts’ deep knowledge of NetApp, IBM, NVIDIA and your environment enables them to make sure that you’re getting all the benefits your solution offers. If you experience a problem with your solution, you can count on ADS to provide the support you need to resolve the issue quickly—no finger pointing and no runaround to different vendors. Customized support plans help ensure that you get the level of support your business requires.


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