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PanFS on ActiveStor Ultra
The Fastest Parallel File System at Any Price Point

Twice as fast as Lustre, BeeGFS and GPFS

Panasas ActiveStor Ultra HPC storage with the PanFS parallel file system is 2X faster than Lustre, BeeGFS and GPFS, without their notorious complexity and brittleness. Performance and capacity scale linearly without limitation, and performance adapts to dynamically changing workloads and is consistently fast, regardless of workload complexity.

Easiest management, best reliability and uptime at the lowest TCO

PanFS on ActiveStor combines the industry’s leading price-performance with easy manageability at the lowest total cost of ownership of any HPC storage solution. Fully automated online failure recovery protects your data assets. Network-distributed erasure coding and fully parallel rebuilds recover nodes quickly. Background data scrubbing ensures data integrity throughout the lifecycle.

Dynamic Data Acceleration - All Hot, All the Time, Without All-Flash

Panasas’ unique Dynamic Data Acceleration (DDA) architecture is what makes ActiveStor so fast. Small files are stored on low-latency flash SSDs and large files are stored on low-cost, high-capacity, high-bandwidth HDDs. DDA provides a single “all-hot” tier for instant access to files no matter where they are in the data lifecycle, with no latency to re-migrate data to a flash tier as all other parallel file systems have to do. DDA enables ActiveStor to deliver predictable and scalable performance, no matter what the workload.

Enterprise quality support

Panasas delivers high-quality support and rapid, single-vendor problem resolution. Our expert professionals are ready to focus on your issues the moment you need help.

  • Single-vendor problem resolution, with centralized responsibility for addressing your issues
  • Focused attention on your issues the moment you need it
  • Support expertise from highly qualified technicians at your fingertips
  • Rapid time to problem resolution

With Panasas, you can have it all

HPC organizations no longer need to trade off performance and price-performance for simplicity, uptime, and great support. With PanFS on ActiveStor Ultra, HPC organizations can have it all.

We’d love to work on your project. We do extensive analysis of your existing and future needs, deliver a comprehensive solution architecture on a validated hardware and software build that ships fully integrated. Contact us for an expert Panasas consultation today!


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