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The Symply Better Workspace For Media Production
No Compromise Workflow Storage

SymplyULTRA Success at 2G Digital Post

Fernando Vazquez
VP Engineering & Technology,
2G Digital Post

“As a first-class post facility in the Burbank Media Center district, we are expected to deliver beyond our customers’ expectations.  The entertainment industry is demanding and our customers require high quality services and on time delivery.

2G Digital also has the same standards when choosing technology solutions.  We need the best solutions in place to properly service our clients. This is why we chose SymplyULTRA from Applied Data Systems to power our growing high performance workflows.

Symply not only provides incredible bandwidth, they helped us extend the life of our current storage investment. We are extremely pleased with our SymplyULTRA and the joint deployment provided by the teams at Applied Data Systems and Symply.”

SymplyULTRA at 2G Digital Post

Creativity Fueled By Symply

There are many shared storage systems on the market today. Some are priced high, complex, and well regarded. Others are less expansive, and less complex. The difference is almost universally that lower priced and especially IP shared storage solutions lack enterprise redundancy. With today’s highly demanding workflows, it is just not good enough to have single points of failure in a system. Even the best “next day” support does not help if a system is down and there is a project to deliver.

SymplyULTRA II- a Workspace for Every Workflow

Built on an ultra-modern, ultra-fast and ultra-capable storage platform, field-proven RAID storage, and an integrated and seamless blending of Fibre Channel and Ethernet sharing, SymplyULTRA II can be adapted as your needs and workflows change – all effortlessly monitored and managed with SymplyRTM software.

With SymplyULTRA II you get all the redundancy, performance, and capabilities found in others 8U rack systems cleverly packaged into a modern, highly-integrated 2U system, saving valuable rack space, eliminating inefficient and often less reliable interconnects, and ensuring everything works together for optimal efficiency.

Compact 2U - All-In-One

SymplyULTRA is a compact 2U media production workspace that lets users share storage at very high speeds for maximum collaboration efficiency. Everything you need is there – Fast RAID storage, StorNext® 6 based metadata controllers, and simple and easy management tools.

Future Proof Design and World Class Support

Optimized for 4K, 8K, high frame rate and HDR workflows. Capacity and performance are scalable together of individually based on configuration, combined with locally based, world-class support.

Powered by StorNext® 6

StorNext delivers the performance and reliability needed to meet tough production and delivery deadlines—from small editorial studios to massive media production environments. StorNext provides the power to rapidly and efficiently ingest, collaborate, deliver and monetize HD and 4K content.

Build flexible workflows - mix & match Fibre Channel & IP to meet performance & cost needs
StorNext 6, the Undisputed Leader in Powering Post Production Workflows

Symply is built on StorNext 6, the industry leading sharing software for media production supporting Windows, Mac & Linux operating systems. It has the greatest marketshare by a large margin, and due to its performance and reliability, continues to dominate media production collaboration. Symply fits seamlessly into existing storage and networking infrastructure, helping you to lower administrative costs and increase investment protection.

Performance and Reliability You Can Count On

Frame-accurate shared access to media files is essential for effective collaboration. StorNext centralizes content and enables simultaneous, seamless and fast file sharing over high-speed IP and Fibre Channel networks.

Scalability to Petabytes

With every increase in image resolution and every new camera source, the storage capacity needed to capture and manipulate content grows dramatically. With StorNext you can start with the amount of storage you need today and easily scale up to dozens of petabytes with zero downtime.

We Get Workflow

High Performance Shared Storage For Media Professionals

  • Resolve, FCPX (ProRes RAW), Adobe Premiere, After Effects, VR, VFX
  • Built on an ultra-modern, ultra-fast and ultra-capable storage platform

Symply Founder Alex Grossman Showcases SymplyULTRA Integrated Workflow Collaborative Storage

Innovative Real-Time Management

Innovative real time management makes it easy to deploy, manage and monitor your workspace – 100% designed for content creators, by content creators. Easier, faster, safer, and Symply Better

  • One App for your entire Symply workspace
  • DEPLOY – One or many systems remotely
  • MANAGE – All your Symply systems from anywhere
  • MONITOR – On Mac, Windows, iOS
  • Simple one-step StorNext 6 and RAID deployment
  • Performance analytics and 21st century support

With Symply, Failure is Not an Option

Symply uniquely provides true 100% Active/Active operation with no single point of failure – 100% redundant operation – Disk, Power, Cooling and Storage Controllers. Symply helps customers meet every deadline – and deal with component failures later. Large capacity hard disk failures are rebuilt in hours, not days, and the technology offers better than RAID 6 redundancy. Unlike other all-in-one products SymplyUltra does not compromise. Not on capacity, capability or cost.

Deterministic Performance for Media Workflows

Symply’s advantage in enabling effective collaboration using media creation tools is delivering enough dedicated bandwidth for delivering the stream count needed – combined with low enough latency to eliminate dropped frames and performance glitches. In addition, Symply is resilient enough to handle “non-perfect state” operation, such as drive fails, controller fails without affecting normal operations. Beyond this, Symply’s system design can accommodate long periods of 100% duty cycle operation without interruption.

Imagery of computer station with multiple monitors - brighter

Expert Technical Support is Only a Click Away

As a valued Symply user, you can count on expert support whenever you need it. Whether its on-line 24/7/365, by phone or text, Symply professionals are here to help. Because all Symply does is media workflow, you can be assured to get the right information quickly, and they’ll get you back into production ASAP. We and Symply take our jobs as seriously as you do – deadlines matter.

Isn't it About Time Someone Brought True Innovation Back to Workflow Storage?

Applied Data Systems has been around the block with frustratingly complex, remote and unresponsive media production storage suppliers. The Symply Advantage is easy to demonstrate. Symply combines years of leading storage innovation and design with an intimate knowledge of media workflow and expert local technical support. Always striving to further the evolution of workflow, they live to innovate and deliver the best user experience and most reliable workflow storage possible, while delivering peak performance to meet the ever changing needs of media professionals.

We’d love to work with you on your project. We do extensive analysis of your existing workflow and future needs, deliver a comprehensive solution architecture on a validated hardware and software build that ships fully integrated. Contact us for an expert Symply consultation today!


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