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The Power of High Performance Computing Solutions

To be pioneers and first in high performance computing, decades of engineering and technology experience are required. With Applied Data Systems, the Managing Partners of Ty Tran, Craig Swanson and the rest of ADS team are all exemplars of this professional level of expertise and deep experience.

Based out of San Diego, CA, Applied Data Systems (ADS) is a high performance computing integrator that resolves technology complexities and offers HPC solutions and data storage to diverse vertical markets such as Life Sciences, Higher Education Research, Automotive, National Labs, and the Federal Government. Our specialty is that we can take multiple and disparate components and integrate them into a customized and compatible solution to fit your business needs. We make the design work and resolve any compatibility issues or technology complexities. We are not a Reseller or (VAR), but an integrator for HPC solutions. All of our solutions go through a rigorous number of tests for full optimal functionality. We only partner with the “best of the best” to deliver a final product that is best in class.

Our Quality Assurance/Quality Control process is stringent with multiple testing steps and requires a multitude of approvals before shipment. Once this internal QA/QC is approved, we offer our “white-glove” installation service. We are a team of experts that know HPC and are able to setup, configure, deliver and fully deploy a solution racked, stacked, cabled, and labeled that meets our customers’ high expectations. We don’t leave until our clients are happy and the products are at optimal best!

As a one -stop-shop of all high performance computing, networking, data storage, and cybersecurity, Applied Data Systems is the integrator of choice for clients and engineers.

About Applied Data Systems (ADS):

Applied Data Systems is a leading High Performance Computing system integrator. With more and more information being digitized, the requirement to ingest and analyze the mountain of data has created an opportunity for a company with expertise in compute, networking, storage, parallel file systems and data tagging. We work with companies in the following vertical markets: Government National Labs, Higher Educational Research facilities, Life Science/Genomics, Automotive, Media & Entertainment and Oil & Gas.

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